Above, GULAG BARASHEVO (2015) Trailer, NEW

Above, GULAG VORKUTA (2016) film opening scene.

Above, GULAG VORKUTA (2016) soliloquy scene.

Above, GULAG MAGADAN (2017) debate scene.

Above, GULAG BARASHEVO (2015) media monopoly censorship denotes low intelligence.

Hi, I’m Michael Kingsbury,

There are three GULAG films. Gulag Barashevo (2015), Gulag Vorkuta (2016), Gulag Magadan (2017). This site and its sister site, gulagfilms.org, are run by myself Michael Kingsbury who was the Writer/Director/Producer/Cameraman of all three Gulag films (I did nearly everything, writing, storyboarding, pre-production, casting, production, grip, gaffing, equipment rentals, transportation, directing, DP, editing, distribution, all of it). Celtic-Films is just me, I hired sound crew, which doubled as grips, gaffers. These three feature length Gulag films are different from the two short Gulag films by the same name (Gulag Barashevo, the Short; and Gulag Vorkuta, the Short)  I made in 2013 and early 2014.

The Productions Due to the extremely low budget and grueling cold and altitude, I faced numerous crew and cast drop outs, so I often had to hire other crew and even re-cast and re-write (at nights, getting no sleep, before a shoot) to keep the productions going. It was a constant changing battle to replace crew and cast, as stress and burnout was high. For example on Gulag Barashevo I hired a 2nd DP for one day, and another B cam op for another 4 days, on Gulag Vorkuta I hired for some shoots an extra AD who also did sound boom and PA).

The Profits All proceeds go to recovering the costs of making these films  ($2,500 each approximately), and then after that, all proceeds are split equally between myself who is the Writer/Director/Producer/Cameraman, and the Actors. On some films all Actors and myself shared exactly equal share of profit. On the last film, the lead Actors and myself each got an equal share, and the supporting actors a smaller share. The main reason these films are for a very minimal streaming or download fee is to pay the Actors as I have a responsibility to get them whatever profits I can as that was our profit sharing agreement, and they worked extremely hard, volunteering their time and life blood, to make these Gulag films. They will be extremely grateful to be paid for their great talents and efforts in what was very difficult, often Winter snow freezing conditions at 8,500 ft elevation.

All profits go to the makers (myself Michael Kingsbury, and the Actors) of these films. The crew payment costs were paid during production and are part of the approx. $2,500 production cost of each of the feature length films.

Help spread the word about the over 65 million Europeans who were killed in Marxist USSR GULAG camps. 

Help to De-Program your friends and relatives.

Above, GULAG MAGADAN (2017) Trailer, De-Programming

Thank You

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